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Clearline Fights School Tablet Theft

“The Gauteng education department says although it is disappointed by the theft of e-learning equipment at Phafogang Secondary School in Rockville, the incident will not deter it from delivering quality education to learners.”

Fibre Systems and Surge Protection

Copper! Copper! So much Copper! Most of our telephony infrastructure is made up of old copper based technology. Telkom however has started investing in fiber technology along with some new players in the market. We all know fiber is a more sophisticated technology with greater data speeds, so the transition is welcome and much needed.

Solar Energy Power Systems

Clearline has installed the first totally solar powered system to provide continuous power to cell phone towers. The latest installation for MTN at Kaalfontein. The installation allows mobile phone operators to take their tower completely off the electrical grid and operate their system independently, saving operating expenses and reducing the risk of power interruptions.

Protect your Home Theatre against over/under voltages

Clearline’s state of the art home entertainment protection device 12-00555 can protect your equipment from under and over voltage situations.

Users can connect TV’s , Dual DSTV decoders, Standard Antenna’s, DVD’s home theater systems to the 12-00555 and have full electronic protection.

Protect against loadshedding voltage fluctuations

When Power utility companies reconnect power after Substation Faults or Load Shedding, there are often over and under voltage power conditions that can damage your valuable electronic equipment.

The power TRIPCONNECT prevents damage form power surges and dips (brownouts) caused by power shutdowns, and over and under-voltages from unstable power.

Instant surge protection for your computer

Clearline's 12-00220 multi-plug protects your computer, printer, scanner and modem against lightning and surges without additional earthing. The protection modules have multiple stages of protection capable of blocking severe lightning and power surges.

Programmable surge protection units

The single and three phase Tripconnect lightning and surge protection unit with programmable delay protects any electrical installation from damage due to lightning or large fluctuations in supply voltages. When the supply voltage is too low or too high, the unit disconnects power to the downstream equipment. It then automatically restores power after a preset delay when the supply returns to acceptable levels.

State-of-the-art AVRs protect Electronics

Clearline Protection Systems, specialists in surge protection, has a range of Automatic Voltage Regulators (AVR) specifically developed for the South African market. The new product will protect consumers against equipment damage and malfunction due to noise, transients, load shedding and induced lightning.

Site Surveys - surge and lightning protection

Clearline has specialised for 30 years in the design and manufacture of high and low voltage surge and lightning protection, and have both the experience and technical know-how to to identify areas of risk and assess protection needs.

Protecting Home Security equipment

On the Highveld where thunder storms are experienced daily during summer,  lightning and surge protection are critical when it comes to security, access control and surveillance systems.

The most important aspect is to approach protection from a holistic point of view. It is simply no good to just fit a protection device at the access control equipment or anywhere along the line on the main supply.

How Lightning affects Electronics

During the last decade enormous advances in electronic technology have been made, bringing sophisticated electronic equipment into our homes in the form of video, sound, security, computers and appliances. However, due to miniaturisation, these products are also susceptible to interference emanating from lightning and load switching and to prevent damage from occurring, correct protection is required.

Protecting against surges

Lightning protectors do not always prevent damage to equipment. Investigation shows that these failures are often due to incorrect installation - large voltages occur across the various inputs and outputs of equipment, causing damage.

Clearline has solved this problem by introducing their patented “Surge Potential Platform” on all their combination protection devices. This ensures that surge currents are interchanged on the surge platform and not through the equipment.